Halloween Story – A Scary Story

Campground Security

Dateline: Boonieville, Arkansas October 27, 2010

Shark Attacks Ozark Mountain Couple in their Motorhome

A 600 pound Great White shark burst through the unsecured doors of an Arkansas couples’ motorhome at 2:30 AM Tuesday morning at the Red Sea Campgrounds on the shores of the Alabama coast line.

The hungry shark devoured a large bowl of macaroni and cheese and three half eaten bologna sandwiches that were left out on the dinette table.  The couples noisy yippy yappy miniature dachshund put up a good fight, as he was apparently mistaken for a walking frankfurter as traces of mustard and catsup were found inside and outside the motorhome as he made his escape.

The shark was obviously startled and made a hasty retreat when the wife emerged from the rear bedroom wearing her night make up and a head full of metal hair rollers.

Moral: Always ensure that your RV is locked and properly secured when you retire for the night so you don’t have scary dreams too.

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Happy Halloween from the spooky staff at Safe-T-Plus.

Travel Safe.

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