‘How to Install Safe-T-Plus’ Video Now Available

The second round of our summer video production is here – “How to Properly Install Safe-T-Plus”.   As you will see, mounting a Safe-T-Plus is not complicated.  Our technical team, led by Mr. Phillip Sexton, guides you through a step-by-step, hands-on approach to properly install your Safe-T-Plus Steering Control.

We hope you find this “How To” helpful.  If, however, you have any questions or need further assistance with installing your Safe-T-Plus unit, please contact us at:

Voice – (800) USA-SAFE  (872-7233)
Email – support@safe-t-plus.com

Travel Safe.

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One Response to ‘How to Install Safe-T-Plus’ Video Now Available

  1. Wayne M Vaughn says:

    I have a 1990 Foretravel Motor Home that had a safe t plus steering control on it, but I was having so much trouble with the steering because it had too much play in steering wheel that I took it off. I have now had some work done on the steering system, replaced worn drag link ends and adjusted the steering box to eliminate excess slack. The steering is now much tighter. Could those conditions have interfered with the correct operation of the safe-t-plus unit, and would I now benefit by reinstalling the unit?

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