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America’s Top RV Camping Destinations

rvcampsites Have you been dreaming of the open road, clear skies, and an escape from the ordinary? When looking at options for your next once-in-a-lifetime camping destination, the possibilities are just about endless. No matter what adventure you choose to embark on, you’re sure to have fond memories of watercolor sunsets, breathtaking scenery, and awe-inspiring natural landmarks.   Deciding the where can be the hardest part of road trip planning — so skip  the guesswork and check out some of the best RV campsites in the U.S.

Great RV Campsites in the U.S.


  Just the name Grand Canyon sparks wonder in our imaginations. The North Rim Campground at the Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect place to set up camp if you have the desire to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World up-close and personal. Its location on the Kaibab Plateau provides a high elevation of 8,200 feet, and in turn, spectacular views of the Canyon. With Ponderosa pines and aspens surrounding you, you may even spot a glimpse of the abundant wildlife on the Plateau, including the indigenous tassel-eared Kaibab squirrel, mule deer, and countless species of birds.    

  Pine Trees. The Aminas River. The Rockies. What’s missing? You, your friends, your family and your RV, that’s what! Located just 12 miles north of Durango, Colorado, Durango Riverside Resort and RV Park has been given a 4.9/5.0 rating by TripAdvisor, and for good reason. The Park is nestled beneath the The San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado and is on the edge of the beautiful Aminas River,  which makes for a picturesque place to park your RV and catch a sunrise with coffee in hand. Peak months to make the trip are May, June, September, and October when the weather typically stays in the mid-70 range and the air is crisp. Amenities include a heated pool, free WIFI, and even an ice cream shop when you crave a sweet treat.    

  Are you a music and a nature lover? If your answer is yes, Sage Creek Campgrounds might be the perfect camping destination for you. Located only 10 miles from the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington, Sage Creek Campgrounds is an ideal site to stay for an upcoming outdoor concert. With free shuttle service to and from the Amphitheater, Sage Creek makes it easier than ever to catch your favorite musical act. Even if you don’t make it to the Gorge, there are plenty of other exciting activities available, including backpacking, white water rafting, rock climbing and winery tours.    

  Mosier, Oregon boasts both historical and scenic grounds for your next RV destination. A previous site of the Chinook Tribes of the Columbia Gorge, Memaloose State Park will take you back in time, placing you in the middle of our country’s historical tapestry. Here, you can also find a large granite monument dedicated to Victor Trevitt, who settled The Dalles in Oregon and had a close relationship with the Chinook Tribe. Wind swept meadows, maple trees, and the Columbia River are just some of the striking elements of nature you will experience when you decide to set up camp here. Now, who’s ready to pack up that RV? Get busy with road trip planning and hit the road. Happy Camping! image credit: Zach Dischner