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Fresh Travel Games for Your Family Vacation

familyvacationSo you’ve packed up the kids in the RV for the annual family vacation. You might be used to driving for hours upon hours, but when it comes to kids, you know the inevitable question come up sooner or later:

Are we there yet?

To keep yourself sane and the children from bouncing off the walls, it’s a good idea to have a list of go-to travel games to occupy the time that won’t cost you a cent. No mobile Monopoly or chess and no silencing the kids with headphones and an iPad here.

These games will keep you engaged and social with your family – after all, isn’t that what this trip is about?

(Before you ask – don’t worry. We’re not going to suggest the Punch Buggy Game. Encouraging the kids to hit each other might not be what you need on a long road trip.)

Fun and Free Family Travel Games

Celebrity Name Game

Better suited for teenagers and adults, you go in a pre-determined order (usually clockwise) and begin by saying the name of a celebrity that has a first and last name. The next person must say the name of another celebrity whose first name begins with the same letter as the last name of the previous celebrity. This game can last for hours. If you decide to keep score, double points can be given for celebrities that have the same letter beginning both their first and last names. If someone is a lesser-known celebrity, at least one other person in the vehicle must be able to verify it as a fact.

Younger children can use animals instead of celebrities, using the last letter in the name of the previous animal as the first in the next.

Color Safari

This is a great game for all ages. Pick a color – the kids will be required to name as many objects, animals, etc., that are that color (or predominantly that color). Either set a joint goal (100 items in 20 minutes) or have the kids race to see who can get the most under a time limit. You can either keep a tally or have the kids write their answers down.


How about something super creative for your journey? Start off by giving your passengers a line in a made-up story (“Once upon a time there was a cowardly prince…”) and having them add lines as you go along. They can get as silly and outlandish at they want for as long as they’re able. At your destination, you can give them paper and Crayons to illustrate a scene from their story.

Scavenger Hunt: Roadtrip Edition

Before you hit the road, make a list of things you’re likely to see on your trip – types of cars, restaurants, animals, whatever! Give each passenger a copy of the list and have them search for the items by looking out of the windows. When they spot an item on the list, they call it out and it has to be confirmed by someone else in the RV before they can cross it off. Whoever finds all of the items or has the most by journey’s end wins!

While it can be tempting to insist on silence in the RV and offer technology to occupy your passengers, remember that family vacation is best spent actually interacting with your family, even if it’s just by playing a silly game together. It can be great for bonding and making the trip more memorable for the young ones. Your stress levels will lower and you’ll find the journey that much more enjoyable.

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Image credit: Bill Ward