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Henderson’s Line-Up & Safe-T-Plus: A Winning Partnership for RV Safety

rv safetyHappy Friday, Safe-T-Plus blog readers! The weekend is only a few hours away, so you’re probably ready to make like lightning and bolt. Thanks for devoting a little bit of your Friday afternoon web-surfing time to your friends at Safe-T-Plus. (And if you’re reading this after Friday, no worries; better late than never, right?) What happens when you combine top-of-the-line products with outstanding service? Happy customers, of course! So when you have the Henderson’s Line-Up team providing stellar service — and Safe-T-Plus products, of course — what do you expect? It’s a combination made for the road! If it seems like Henderson’s Line-Up rings a bell, there’s a good reason: We’ve mentioned them several times before, and we did a two-part profile on them back in April and May. (Check out Part I here and Part II here.) To see the kind of service that Henderson’s Line-Up provides, as well as the kind of results you can get with Safe-T-Plus (Hey, we don’t mind tooting our own horn every now and then!), take a look at this video: The first Henderson’s Line-Up customer that is interviewed in the video, after having a road performance assessment on her rig done, says something that places her right square in the middle of Safe-T-Plus’s target audience: “I like to be comfortable [while] driving and I insist on being safe.” That pretty much says it all, folks; we may as well put it on a T-shirt! We’ve found that if we take care of the “being safe” part, the comfort issue follows. When RV drivers are confident in the knowledge that they are protected from severe side winds, potholes, shock from front-tire blowouts, pavement drops, and road ruts and bumps, then they’re more likely to be able to relax and enjoy the ride. When we focus on accident prevention and making your RVing experience more pleasant, you can rest easy. For more examples of what kind of difference Safe-T-Plus can make in how your RV handles, check out these comments from satisfied Safe-T-Plus customers. And as always, thanks so much to our friends at Henderson’s Line-Up for their top-notch work and commitment to customer satisfaction. Do you have any stories to share on how Safe-T-Plus or Henderson’s Line-Up have demonstrated their commitment to RV safety? For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you. Image credit: Henderson’s Line-Up