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Henderson’s Line-Up Video – Solving Front End Shimmy with Safe-T-Plus Steering Control

Henderson’s Line-Up out of Grants Pass, Oregon just released a great “how-to” video of how to solve the front end shimmy problem with motorhomes using Safe-T-Plus Steering Control.  Henderson’s Line-Up specializes in steering performance improvement, repair, and maintenance for RV and Truck vehicles.  They are also the manufacture of SuperSteer steering tracking and stabilizer product line. Henderson’s Line-Up is the leader in producing a collective series of educational videos helping truck and motorhome owners understand and solve their vehicles’ steering challenges.  For example, their collection of videos show motorhome owners first hand how to  solve the constant steering wheel battles caused by road wander, passing semi-trucks, strong cross-winds, and generally poor road conditions. A recent technical video was published on how to help reduce the “death wobble” (i.e front-end shimmy) effect on Dodge vehicle.  Take a look.  

Henderson's line-up, Safe-T-Plus, SuperSteer