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How a Steering Control Device Works

Safe-t-plus, steering control, steering stabilizer, rv steering stabilizer, steering device for rv Have you noticed a lot of new TV shows that involve how stuff works and how it is made are appearing? I know what you’re thinking, TV is already is not good for brain-building exercises or if you sit too close you’ll go blind (My mother’s favorite). Either way, it is refreshing to see new programs focused on education and gaining new knowledge. “How stuff Works” is a favorite. They also have an excellent website and video channel that is easy to select your favorite topics. Recently, they ran a small article on “How Steering Stabilizers Work”.  Although they are referencing steering stabilizers along with towing vehicles, the steering devices are the same.  To their credit, they did a good job.  We encourage everyone to read it.  It is short and interesting. Below are some of the article’s highlights.

  • Coil-Hydraulic Steering Stabilizers contain compression coils that are designed to bring the steering wheel back to center after making a turn – this helps keep the vehicle centered allowing drivers to reduce their constant need to over-steer their vehicles.
  • Coil-Hydraulic steering stabilizers have a hydraulic piston in the center that acts like a shock absorber.
  • Hydraulics provide extra stability for your vehicle and keep the compression coil from snapping the steering back to center too quick

Essentially, they are briefly describing exactly a Safe-T-Plus steering control device is and how it performs. Safe-T-Plus uses the hybrid design of mechanical coils to keep the vehicle tracking straight down the highway.  This helps combat side winds, passing vehicles, ruts in the road, and the exhaustive need to oversteer your vehicle.  The hydraulics act as an absorber of any sudden movements to the vehicle’s steering.  Pot holes, bumps, and frightening tire blowouts shocks are absorbed by the hydraulics – keeping you in control of your vehicle. Check out our blowout videos and centering videos to see how Safe-T-Plus works in action.