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Know Your RV Terms: The ABCs of RVing (Part IV)

RV termsAlrighty, folks. It’s about time to wrap up this lesson. Hopefully you’ve managed to read Know Your RV Terms: The ABCs of RVing (Part I), along with the follow-up posts. If not, go do that first. Right now. No, really; it’s cool. I’ll wait. All done? Great! Now go read through them again. Don’t grumble; just do it! You want this stuff to stick, don’t you? Of course you do! Alright, NOW you’re ready. And guess what? There are only a few left, because we’re at the tail-end of the alphabet, where the terminology for…well, for pretty much ANYTHING gets sparse. (Quick: Thing of a “Q” term that’s used in football that doesn’t end in “uarterback.”See?) Go ahead and put your thinking caps on and memorize the rest of these, so you can get to the FUN part of RVing. You know…the part where you’re actually on the road. T – tongue weight Tongue weight is the force that the tongue of the trailer exerts on the hitch ball of the tow vehicle (through the coupler). U – Underbelly The underbelly is the RV’s under-floor surface, which is protected by a weatherproofed material. V – Vehicle As in the “V” part of “RV.” W – Wide Body Wide body RVs are RVs that exceed eight feet in width. X – X-Ray X-rays are what you’re likely to need if you attempt repairs on your RV when you’re not knowledgeable about what you’re doing. If you want to GET knowledgeable, then check out this book. Y – Yaw Fishtailing, side-to-side motion of the trailer caused by external forces. Z – Zzzzzzz… What I caught you doing towards the end of this article. As punishment, go back and read through all four of these posts again. I will not rest until you know all of these terms! If you’re still hungry for more after you’re done, check out Trailer Life Directory’s RV Term Glossary. Do you have any questions about any of the RV terms we’ve covered? Ask away in the comments! Image credit