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Know Your RV Terms: The ABCs of RVing

rv termsAll right, class! How was your vacation? Did you go to the beach? Do any fun RVing? Well, I hope you all enjoyed your summer, because guess what? It’s over! That’s right, kids. School is back in session, so it’s time to buckle down and get to work! How about we start off with something simple? It doesn’t get much simpler than the ABCs, so let’s get started by acquainting ourselves — or reacquainting ourselves, whichever the case may be — with some basic RV terminology. Pay attention: You never know when I’m going to throw a pop quiz your way! A – Amp Short for “ampere,” amp is the electric current unit of measure. Your RV likely has either 30-amp or 50-amp capability. Your amperage is the amount of power you have available to use in your RV. B – Black Water This is the water from the toilet containing human waste. Yeah, that’s right: the “Oooohh, that’s GROOOSS!” part of RVing. C – Camper “Camper” can be a general term referring to any RV. It can also refer to a smaller type of RV that is towed behind or located on top of small trucks, etc. D – Dry Camping Dry camping is camping without any utility (water, sewer) hookups. E – Exhaust Brake This is a supplemental braking system that uses exhaust gases and a compressor to partially block the exhaust pipe. It helps to keep an RV’s speed in check on long, steep descents. F – Fifth Wheel This is an RV trailer configuration that has a raised section for the master bedroom, which offers maximum living space. A fifth wheel is connected to the tow truck above the rear axle with a special hitch. I think that’s enough for our first day back. Wouldn’t want you to sprain those brains, now would we? Stay tuned for our next installment of the RV alphabet, coming soon! What RV terms would you like to learn more about? Tell us in the comments! For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you. Image credit: Robert G. Daigle