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Nomadic Native Reviews Safe T Plus

As Matt, the Nomadic Native says, driving a “big, rolling billboard” is more challenging than it looks!

He’s made a video on his Youtube channel describing the experience of driving with Safe T Plus installed on his Class A RV and why he wouldn’t want to be without one.

“Safe T Plus is by far the best upgrade I’ve made to this RV, by far the most cost effective upgrade I’ve made to this RV. It’s given us back thousands and thousands of safe miles. Hundreds and hundreds of safe hours. And many, many many wonderful and safe memories. I feel very strongly about it.”

Watch his video explaining the challenges of driving a Class A RV, why he uses and believes in Safe T Plus, and how Safe T Plus makes the RV experience safer and more enjoyable.

Thank you so much, Matt, for taking the time to review Safe T Plus on your channel!