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Road Hazards to Avoid: Part II

road hazardsA couple of weeks ago, we talked about a few road hazards to avoid while traveling in your RV. We talked a little bit about how to deal with tire blowouts, strong wind, and fatigue. You may have noticed that there was a “Part I” tacked on to that post. For those of you who haven’t been able to contain your excitement about the next installment, let the giddiness commence! Here’s Part II!

1. Heavy Rain

I know what some of you are thinking: “Rain? Everybody’s used to driving in rain!” Don’t take this one lightly, folks. Remember: You’re not driving a car; you’re driving an RV. You’re handling a much larger vehicle, and it’s very important that you take that into account. Be aware of puddle build-up. Try to avoid deep puddles that can lead to a loss of control. Make sure to leave plenty of room between your RV and the vehicle in front of you. You’re driving a vehicle that takes longer to slow down, and slick roads only add to the problem. Remember that you (quite literally) have a different perspective than those driving smaller vehicles. Their visibility is not nearly as good as yours, so they’re going to react differently to adverse conditions. Be aware of your surroundings and drive defensively. If you are able to pull over to a safe location during extremely heavy rain, do so. It’s better to wait it out than to drive in unnecessarily dangerous conditions. It’s best not to pull over to the side of the road or the shoulder unless absolutely necessary, though, as other vehicles could be passing dangerously close. It’s best to pull over to a rest stop or other safe location well away from the road.

2. Potholes

The most sensible advice concerning potholes is, of course, “Don’t hit one.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always feasible. Sometimes those suckers sneak up on you! If you see that hitting a pothole is unavoidable, don’t slam on the brakes while hitting it. If you see that you are about to hit a pothole, reduce your speed by taking your foot off the gas or by braking some before you hit the pothole. Rolling over the pothole at a reduced speed is less likely to cause damage to your wheel than braking as you’re hitting it. A steering control device can help to stabilize your vehicle when encountering adverse road conditions. Take a look at Safe-T-Plus’s line of products to see which one is right for you!

3. Denny’s Signs

Look, people: If you want to see the country, you can’t stop every time you see one of these things. “Why not?” you ask? 1) The cholesterol will kill you before you can hit the contiguous 48. 2) There are only so many Pancake Puppies you can eat. Of course, that’s why they make the Fried Cheese Melt. Seriously. It’s a grilled cheese made with fried cheese sticks. What was I even talking about before? Drive safely, friends! Have you had close calls with any of the road hazards we’ve mentioned in either post? Please share what you learned in the comments! For extra peace of mind and safety, install a Safe-T-Plus product to minimize road hazards.  Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski