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RV Owners Have a Friend in Henderson’s Line-Up/SuperSteer: Part II

rv-ownersIn last week’s post, we learned a little bit about our friends at Henderson’s Line-Up / SuperSteer. Today, we’re going to continue our Q & A with them and find out what has led to their success in the RV business. What makes Henderson’s different than other distributors? What’s special about your company? What is your business philosophy? What makes us unique is this relationship between the two sides of the business. We actually use the products we sell, so we know what works, and what doesn’t. Something (else) unique about SuperSteer and Henderson’s Line-Up is the emphasis placed on education for RV owners and service technicians. We’ve developed over 70 videos at SuperSteerParts.com to inform the RVing community of product features, customer testimonials related to an array of products and to provide tips for faster and easier installations. We are home of the Motorhome Steering and Suspension Institute, or MSSI, and technicians come from around the United States to our facility to learn the latest in steering and suspension improvement options, as well as learn how to properly conduct an RPA. The first video on the RPA page is a good, 2 minute overview of the RPA. What ordering options do your customers have? Ordering options include phone, fax, email, and also our e-store. We also have many dealers across the US, and Canada, UK and Germany. rv ownersCan you tell us about your new showroom? Henderson’s is celebrating the grand opening of its new showroom at 480 Redwood Highway in Grants Pass on Friday, May 10 and Saturday May 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The two-day event will include a building dedication on Friday at 10 am, as well as free giveaways, food, and customer product-training through 4pm on Saturday. The new showroom enhances the customer experience with a wall full of upgrades displayed for owners of RVs, light trucks, trailers and autos to see. The facility also features an expanded shop with two vehicle lifts and an alignment system, a Wi-Fi Café and lounge area for customers, and innovative showroom design. This showroom is also designed to double as a classroom. What selling points do you use to let people know what to expect when they order a Safe-T-Plus product? When we are explaining the Safe-T-Plus Steering Controls, we mention the ability to be more relaxed and less fatigued because of its self-centering feature and better return to center so you don’t have to work the steering wheel so much especially in the wind and rutted roads. It’s like having someone help you go straight down the road. We also mention the safety of the product, if you do have a tire blow out or catch the edge of the road shoulder it will help keep you in control. We have been very pleased with Safe-T-Plus since we installed our first one back in 1987, and our customers agree, as well. Over the years, many other types and brands of steering stabilizers and controls have come along, but Safe-T-Plus has the best feel and track record for doing its job without fail. We really appreciate working with your company and the support from the staff. Okay, RV owners: What customer service qualities do you look for in a distributor or a dealer? Tell us in the comments! For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you. All images courtesy of Henderson’s Line-Up/SuperSteer