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Safe-T-Plus Chats with The RV Doctor

FMCA’s 89th Family Reunion and Showcase in Perry, Georgia was a blast! While we were there, Bryan Maggi of Safe-T-Plus had the privilege of being interviewed by Gary Bunzer, author and technical educator known as The RV Doctor. The RV Doctor column has celebrated 37 years of consistent, quality publications on all things technical.  It’s one of the longest running (if not the longest running) Q&A columns in the RV industry! You can find print versions of House Calls with the RV Doctor in Family Motor Coaching Magazine. His advice for RV owners has been valuable across the board for decades — don’t miss out on everything he has to offer!

The RV Doctor’s Safe-T-Plus Interview

Check out the interview from FMCA’s 89th Family Reunion in Perry, Georgia here.

Or, watch below:

RVs Are a Completely Different Beast

In the video, we talk about just why RV owners would do well to check out Safe-T-Plus. Many people get behind the wheel thinking that an RV is just like a big SUV — but it’s completely different! These “land yachts” require more active involvement in steering than other vehicles do. That makes road hazards particularly dangerous for first-time RV owners.

One of the biggest challenges for new owners comes in the form of oversteering — it leaves them sore and exhausted at the end of a trip and takes away from the enjoyment of the journey and the destination. Safe-T-Plus helps relieve oversteering caused by side winds, passing 18-wheelers and generally bad roads. Control is given back to the traveller, keeping your RV centered on the road and making road hazards easier to manage.

How Does Safe-T-Plus Work?

It looks like a simple shock absorber, but Safe-T-Plus actually contains mechanical coils and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. The mechanical coils provide center point tracking and keep RVs straight on the road with the hydraulics absorb shocks from sudden road hazards and keep drivers in control.

Our four Safe-T-Plus models fit over 650 different kinds of chassis. Every Safe-T-Plus steering device comes with a mounting hardware kit specific to the type of chassis.

Driving your motorhome should be all about safety. You can enjoy the journey when you have the relief and peace of mind that comes with Safe-T-Plus.

We had a great time representing Safe-T-Plus in Perry this year. A big thank you to Gary the RV Doctor for stopping by to chat with us!

Did you enjoy FMCA’s 89th Family Reunion this year? Let us know in the comments.