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Taming the Class C E-350/450 Chassis

Still fighting the oversteering and handling of your E-350/450 chassis vehicle? RV Steering control Here are few tips that might help you tame the ride. Class C motor homes approaching 30 feet may present some of the more difficult handling challenges to correct.  Many are very near gross weight before you get them fully loaded for travel.  Any coach greater than 20 ft puts it all behind the rear wheels, which is not usually a good combination.  To determine how the weight in your coach is distributed run it fully loaded for travel over a segmented truck scale.  It will be a wise investment to know exactly how your weight’s distributed.  Of course, try moving as much up front as is practical. Almost every web forum you visit will have motor coach owners combining both a steering stabilizer with some type of track bar / sway bar system to handle the “roll” and keep the chassis centered over the wheels.  Although, steering stabilizers don’t directly address road wandering, strong shoving side winds, pulling winds from passing trucks, rut trucking, bumps and ruts, and the every-dangerous of a front-tire blowout, but a steering control unit does address each of them.  For clarity on the difference between a steering control device versus a steering stabilizer/dampner, see our article on ‘Steering Whatchamacallit’.  The next recommended step is usually followed closely by some heavy duty shock absorbers. There are several manufacturers and aftermarket dealers that provide excellent track bar, sway bar, specialized shock absorber, and steering control systems to correct or at least minimize your handling issues. Use the key words above to search their for these product’s websites.  Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with us.  Let us know what has worked best for you E-350/450 chassis. Travel Safe.