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The Benefits of Taking an RV Road Trip

rvroadtrip-traveling In this day and age, it seems to be increasingly difficult to find a spot in your schedule for quality, meaningful time with others. Between long work hours, household demands, and the inescapable access to smartphones, computers and television, quality time is hard to come by. That’s where the magic of the RV road trip comes in! If you’re in need of a recharge and a change of scenery, read on, and you’ll soon see just how beneficial an RV road trip can be.  

The Beauty in Traveling by RV


  • Benefit 1: Escape the everyday grind.

  It’s easy for us to get so stuck in our daily routines that we fail to see anything that falls outside our normal, day-to-day patterns. One day we realize how quickly the time has flown by — and it’s too late! By hopping in the RV, you are able to slow down time a bit and let in the positive energy that we don’t necessarily get through our normal schedules.  

  • Benefit 2: Learn to appreciate the little things.

  When was the last time you lingered at the sight of a flying bird or a stunning field of wildflowers? How about the last time you caught a breathtaking sunset?  Often, we don’t have time to just soak it all in. An RV vacation is unique in that it gives you a front row seat to the all of the action of nature — and with nothing else to distract you, you can linger as long as you like.  

  • Benefit 3: Focus on your health.

  According to Glassdoor’s Q1 2014 Employment Confidence Survey, the average American employee only takes half of his or her allotted vacation time. If we knew just how much this vacation time benefits us (both mentally and physically), would we take more advantage of it? Studies show that vacation time can reduce stress levels, decrease depression, and improve productivity upon return to work. It can even reduce the risk of heart disease. (source) That should be motivation enough to get us packing!  

  • Benefit 4: Make way for creativity.

  A clear head can come with an open road. When you are relieved of your usual responsibilities and duties, you leave room for creative thoughts to flow in. The beauty of getting your creative juices flowing is that they can benefit you even after your road trip is over. You can channel that creativity into your professional and personal life when you return. With all of these built-in perks, it will be hard to say no to your next RV vacation! What’s your favorite part of traveling by RV?