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The RV Lifestyle: 3 Tips for Celebrating Halloween on the Road!

rv lifestyleI know, I know: There’s still another Friday before Halloween hits, so we could wait until next week to share this post. But why wait? Halloween makes us at Safe-T-Plus a wee bit giddy. Don’t judge; some of us just never grow up. Look at it this way: This gives you some time to plan ahead. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will, but hey, we’ve done our part. So check out these ideas for ways you can celebrate Halloween while living the RV lifestyle, and you’ll be the envy of everyone at the RV park. Of course, you can eliminate that envy by inviting those around you to share in some of the fun!

1. Trick-or-Treat Tour

If you’re a kid, what could be better than going around the neighborhood and extorting free candy from those in your neighborhood? How about extorting free candy from other people’s neighborhoods! If your RV travels have you in a location with safe subdivisions nearby, take advantage of it! Your kids will end up with a truckload of candy! (Just be sure to ration it. It’ll last longer, and so will your kids’ tooth enamel.)

2. Homemade Halloween Treats

If you’re not near neighborhoods during your trip — or if you’d rather just stay in — not to worry: There’s still plenty of Halloween fun to be had. With your help, your kids can make their own treats!  It’s a great way to have some family time, and the kids will get to work on the best kind of crafts project: one they can eat when they’re done!

3. Haunted House on Wheels

If you find yourself at an RV park for Halloween, turn your RV into a miniature haunted house! Have your kids help you come up with the various attractions, and if other campers are interested, they can do the same with their RVs. Pretty soon, you’ll have a progressive haunted house! Let other kids who are at the park tour your Camper of Carnage (with their parents’ permission, of course), and you’ll be the toast of the park! Will you be living the RV lifestyle for Halloween this year? Share it with us in the comments, and happy RVing! For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you. Image credit: Butterfly Kazzy