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The RV Lifestyle: 3 Types of RVers You’re Likely to Run Into

RV lifestyle In general, stereotypes aren’t a good thing, and this holds true when it comes to people who RV, too. Lots of different types of people enjoy hitting the road in an RV. That said, there’s nothing wrong with categorizing a bit. There are certain categories of people who tend to gravitate to RVing, so we’re going to cover a few of those right now. Their motivations for being on the road may not be exactly the same, but they are bound together by an adventurous spirit. Trek on, RVers! Road-Hardened Senior Citizen Couple These folks have been there, done that, and got every version of the T-shirt – and they can probably tell you where the cheapest place to get one is. They’d have to do some serious figuring to determine the last time they slept anywhere that doesn’t have wheels. They’ve been to all of the continental 48 – most of them multiple times – and can speak at length about how to get the best gas mileage out of your RV, proper RV maintenance, the best state parks, the best grub for your buck, and…well, pretty much anything else about RV travel. Come to think of it, the real trick is getting them to stop talking about the RV lifestyle. The Young Family They have decided that simply reading about famous historical events and important landmarks aren’t going to cut it for their children, so they’ve decided to home-school their kids while trekking across the U.S. Maybe it’ll be for a month; maybe it’ll be for a year. Who knows? All that’s certain is that they’re going to have some SERIOUS family bonding time. If you see them out and about, offer them any help you can, especially if they’re just starting out (and are receptive to it, of course). In a society that values a constant go-go-go! approach – all too often to the detriment of the family unit – they have decided to do go on an adventure together. Kudos, Young Family. Burning Man Couple If you’re traveling near northern Nevada around Labor Day, you may run into Burning Man Group. They’re on their way to or from Burning Man, a huge event that combines experimental art, the desert, and fire. (That’s an oversimplification. If you want to know more, just ask Burning Man Couple; they’ll be happy to tell you all about it.) Burning Man Couple are likely to be wearing anything or….not much at all. There’s a decent chance they’ll have some really cool wardrobe or art pieces on board with them, so if you happen to run into them at a truck stop or see any of them camped somewhere, strike up a conversation and be ready to have your mind expanded. Have you spent time with RV lifestyle aficionados who would fit any of these descriptions? Please share your experiences in the comments! Image credit