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The RV Lifestyle According to Hollywood: 3 Films Featuring RVs

rv lifestyleTo put it mildly, Hollywood’s treatment of the RV lifestyle has been…interesting. Even though Tinseltown’s depiction of RVs and RVers is sometimes stereotypical and/or sensationalized, it’s fair to say that the subject of RVs has provided a great deal of entertainment on celluloid. Nothing wrong with that, right? We’ve got to be able to laugh at ourselves because hey, let’s face it–sometimes realism is overrated. With that in mind, your RV safety experts are here with a nod to a few flicks that have featured RVs. Enjoy!

1. Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers

It’s no fun to find yourself in socially awkward situations, but these films bet big that people would pay to see other people put in them. The bet paid off. If your sense of humor is stimulated by watching someone squirm, then these movies are for you. And don’t act like you weren’t jealous of the top-secret espionage department in Jack Byrnes’ RV. Seriously…how do you get that installed at the dealership?! We’ve never even seen that option!

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

You’ve got to love this one. What’s this movie without Cousin Eddie’s traveling hunk of junk? The sight of it coming may fill Clark with dread, but it fills laughter-loving movie buffs with glee. This one was made back in the days when Randy Quaid’s cray-cray antics were on the big screen instead of entertainment beat rap sheets.

3. RV

Since RV is actually the name of the film, so you had to know this Robin Williams flick would be on the list. It chronicles a family’s RV vacation that’s actually a cover for the father (played by Williams) to prepare for an important presentation for his job. Madcap situations arise as the family travels to the Rocky Mountains, and Williams does his thing, delivering lines like, “I love your wilderness so much, I decided to wear it,” like only he can. Can you think of other comedies that illustrate (or just poke good fun at) the RV lifestyle? Share them with us in the comments! For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you. Image credit: minnemom