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The RV Lifestyle: More People You’ll Find at RV Parks

rv lifestyleWe recently talked about a few of the various personalities you’re likely to run into at RV parks: Friendly Frank and Smiley Sarah, Awkward Adam and Alice, and “Extra” Edgar. They all have their quirks, but they’re certainly not the only ones. The list of folks you’ll run into who have chosen the RV lifestyle is endless, so we’re going to let you a know about just a few more.

Frank and Fannie: The Fans

Frank and Fannie are the ultimate fans, and they want to make sure everyone knows it. Streaming from their RV are pennants touting their sports team.  Their rig is covered with decals, and they have a personalized plate supporting their team. Frank and Fannie’s bodies boast as much team spirit as their RV does. They’re usually covered head to toe in apparel plastered with their team’s logo, and they may even paint up for games. They may get a bit rowdy from time to time, but they can also be a lot of fun — just as long as you don’t bother them during game time or talk smack about their team.

The Asphalt-Burning Andersons

Chances are, if you own an RV, you enjoy traveling. These guys don’t just love it, though; they live it. They’re obsessed with RVing. They can’t stay too long in one place, because there are just so…many…places…to see! Displayed prominently somewhere in their RV is a huge map with push pins denoting all the places they’ve been already, and they won’t rest as long as there’s a single square inch of map space left unpinned.

The Traveling Troubadours

They’ve sold everything they own to purchase that barely-roadworthy thing they’re calling an RV. It’s all worth it to travel and play together — assuming that garish rattletrap gets them to their next gig. They’re likely very amiable folks, and they’re likely to kick off a jam session at any time, so if they’re any good, hey…free music! And if they’re not, smile and nod, anyway; chucking it all to chase a dream takes chutzpah. Also, if you can, grill up an extra dog or two for ’em. Because chances are, they barely have enough scratch to pay for gas. What other characters have you run into who are living their version of the RV lifestyle? For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you.  Image credit: katiedee47