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Traveling (by RV) is Good

travelWe’re about to drop a bombshell on you. Ready? No? You had fair warning! Okay, deep breath:

Some people say they don’t like to travel.

Before you gasp in horror, you probably know some of these people. They’d rather stay at home without the stress and cost of hotels, flights, interstate traffic and that 40-mile gap between rest stops. But, you might say, that’s not how it should be! Travel should be fun. It’s a vacation, after all. We’ll, dear reader, maybe it’s time to convince your homebody friends that the traveling is one of the best things they can do — and traveling by RV is even better. So what travel advice should be offered to those who aren’t immersed in the RV travel lifestyle?

Well. Why do you go traveling? More specifically, why do it by RV instead of say, flying?

Is it because you’d rather stop at little towns and eats in local eateries and learn how other people live? Do you like stopping for fresh strawberries grown just a few blocks away? Maybe traveling by RV is about the seclusion, about being one with the beautiful world; whether that means towering pines or dusty mesas.

Maybe you just really, really like getting behind the wheel.

You enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the RV. No hotels to worry with because you’re carrying home wherever you go. No layovers or cramped flights or turbulence. No worrying where that weird stain on the hotel mattress came from and if you should chance it or sleep on the floor instead (which probably also has its fair share of weird stains). It’s comfortable and relaxing and well. It’s freeing. Your best travel advice comes from your own experiences.

But maybe your friends are still on the fence. They don’t get it; campers conjure up images or rusty, moss-grown mobile homes and collapsible lawn chairs. They’re picturing the worst of the RV world because they’re equating it with a bad trailer park. So even when you praise the wonders of RVing, even when you swear by traveling as your favorite past time, they’re still reluctant. They have too many stereotyped thoughts or ill-remembered childhood events to see your experiences without skeptical eyes.

So what do you say to the naysayers of RV travel?

Try it. Come with me.

I’ll show you what good traveling is all about.

Get the most enjoyment out of your journey with the peace of mind that comes from Safe-T-Plus products.

image credit: David~O