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Winterize Your RV Lifestyle with Cold Weather Preparation

rv lifestyleIt’s still a couple of weeks until the “official” beginning of winter, but tell that to the people who are dealing with freezing conditions around the country. A little bit (or a lot) of chill in the air doesn’t have to keep you from living that RV lifestyle, though. It’s still possible to run the roads and see the sights during the winter, too; it just takes a little more preparation on your part. As per usual, we here at Safe-T-Plus have you covered! We’re here with a few tips to help you get prepared for the road when the conditions aren’t as balmy as we might like.

Insulate It!

You can’t control how cold it is outside, but you do have some control over how much of that cold air gets inside your rig. This article by Mark S. Nemeth gives several tips on how you can better insulate your RV from the cold, including a few ways to plug those areas where cold air can seep in:

  • Use shrink film to make windows airtight.
  • Use aerosol self-expanding foam or foam rubber for areas under your rig where water and gas lines enter the living area.
  • Use foam tape or weather strip to seal the entry door.

Dealing with Condensation

In his article for RVtravel.com, How to enjoy your RV in the Winter , Chris Dougherty mentions using a dehumidifier to reduce the condensation buildup from the occupants’ breath and from any water the wood cabinets may be holding. He recommends running the dehumidifier a few days before going on a winter trip.

RV Safety First

Getting stranded somewhere away from civilization in the cold may sound like the stuff of bad horror movies, but it’s a danger for which you should be prepared. If it’s important to be prepared for emergencies during a trip in which the weather is good, doing so in extreme conditions is exponentially more important. In addition to a well-stocked first aid kit, make sure you have plenty of heavy blankets and comforters, waterproof cold-weather apparel, hand warmers, and provisions. Know your route, and prepare accordingly, asking yourself, “If I were to be stranded on the least hospitable stretch of this trip, what would I need?” Check out this article for more ideas on what to keep in your winter survival kit.

Getting Comfortable

While it’s true that there are some miserable things about cold weather, it has its good points, too. Chief among these for many people is the opportunity to get cozy. Make sure you’re stocked up on coffee, tea, apple cider, and (of course) hot chocolate. Hot soup and chili are in order, too, along with any other comfort foods that make you, well…comfortable. If you have a favorite “get cozy” sweatshirt or terry cloth robe, pack it.And pay no attention to the haters: If you’re a Snuggie wearer, own it! What’s the good in being the master of your mobile domain if you can’t wear a blanket with sleeves? What preparations do you make to winterize your RV lifestyle? For extra peace of mind and safety, install the Safe-T-Plus product that’s right for you. Image credit: Colleen Lane