Our Customers
Leon Schneider
Broken Arrow, OK
It’s on and tracking straight. I really like the way it keeps the coach tracking straight. It really helps cut fatigue. Thanks for the help and prompt service.
Mike Casuso
New Jersey
Just returned from a 2000 mile round trip. The steering stabilizer definitely improved the handling of my motor home. I was able to drive 500 miles each day without any issues. I would not have been able to drive that many miles without the stabilizer. The tractor trailers had minimum affect while passing us. Very happy with the stabilizer, I highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing it. Thank you.

Colorado Springs, CO
First, my many thanks for your great customer relations and service! Your tech help is commendable, and it will make it very easy to recommend your company to others.

I got the installation of the stabilizer done yesterday and took it for the road test this morning. WOW! What a difference it made in the steering of our mini class A motorhome. And that was just around town. I no longer have to “white knuckle” the steering wheel over irregularities in the road. It steers like I thought it should have from the factory! I am now anxious to drive it on our road trip the weekend of the 8th of Oct. The product is definitely worth what we paid for it.

Thanks again for all your assistance, and for a great product.

John Jerman
Fort Worth, TX
We recently returned from an almost 2k mile trip in our 38′ gas class A on Ford Chassis. Before I left I installed the 230 Safe T Steer and a rear track bar. I had a friend driving a similar rv travel with us. I could see his swaying and leaning whenever i was behind him. I barely felt what he was feeling.

On last day, driving west to Dallas, I drove 500 miles with a 15-20 mph crosswind, with no trouble, and really didn’t feel it until I stopped for gas. My buddy only had 150 miles to drive that day, and said it wore him out.

George Stephens
Vestal, NY
The install was a snap and I’m satisfied with the centering after only one stop to adjust.

I’m very impressed with the difference in the handling. Much less wandering and oversteer. I’m looking forward to a longer road trip (and better roads) to really feel the difference. Thanks to the Safety-T-Plus team!

William Isenhart
Newark, OH
I had my RV mechanic install the Safe-T-Plus on my Tiffin 32CA and the steering slack/white knuckle wind/semi truck correction problem is much improved. I am very happy that I spent the bucks to make this upgrade happen.

Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

Sheila & Michael Navarra
Stormville, NY
My husband installed the Safe-T-Plus and we tested it out last week on a short camping trip, about 2.5 hours away. The steering was definitely much better than it was though it’s not perfect. We are adding more heavy duty shocks, a rear trac bar and front and rear sway bars to the vehicle. We really are wondering why this Safe T Plus is not standard equipment on the E450 camping chassis and how Ford is allowed to get away with putting in such minimal equipment! In total, we are spending over $2000 to make the vehicle safe to drive. It’s a shame they just don’t off all of this as an option when you purchase the camping equipment… I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t purchase it!

Anyway, thank you for all of your help with this…checking back with us means a great deal to us! You are a bright spot in all of this mess we have to deal with!

Ron Dusing
Rochester, NY
It’s all that you said it would be. Had the Safe-T-Plus steering control installed Tuesday and went on our first trip Friday. I was so amazed at the way my motor home handled and how good I felt when we got to the campground.

I love it. 10 out of 10. Being new to RVing, I did not know what to expect! This was night and day. I am glad I saw you at the Phoenix RV show!
Andreas Christofi
I just returned from a trip to the New England States and was so pleased with the performance of my Safe-T-Plus steering control!

What a difference it made in the handling of the RV and especially when the big rigs went past with no problems! I am very pleased with it.

John Sopko
Placentia, CA
We got them installed and they both drive great. It’s a lot easier driving it down the road. Glad we got them and feel better knowing that it’s on there in the event of a tire failure. These should be standard on all RV’s. Appreciate you and the company being all for the customer!
Dennis & Cathy
St. Johns, MI
After we purchased teh Safe-T-Plus steering control system, my wife and I installed the unit ourselves in approximately 1 hour. We then took it out on a local Hwy and followed the instructions as to centering the system. After 3 attempts we were successful. The following weekend we took our motorhome to Traverse City, Michigan for a long weekend. While enroute we encountered a heavy rain storm with high winds and the Safe-T-Plus system worked like a charm. We maintained our lane with no trouble and only a light hand on the steering wheel. Not the death grip I had experinced while driving the motorhome from the dealer we purchased it from. With passing semi trucks and winds I had both hands on the steering wheel to maintain my lane.

Thanks again for the friendly help in finding out which system I needed and the email’s showing the instructions and video’s on our to install the system and center it.

Thanks to Safe-T-Plus my wife and I have and will continue to enjoy our motorhome with extra peace of mind of safety in the handling of our unit on the road.

Jim Todd
Troy, MO
I cannot thank you and the Safe-T-Plus Company for the fantastic customer service that you provide. I have written on the IRV2 forum in a thread about the Safe-T-Plus about my very positive experience with you and your company. Any chance I get to talk it up believe me I will.
Dan Wright
Atlanta, GA
Bought and installed. We are about to drive 3000 miles. The test drive after installation was wonderful. What a difference. Now it drives like a car. Thanks

Craig Goble
Bear Lake, MI
Just wanted to send a big “thank you” to you for helping us solve a problem with our 140 Safe-T-Plus when we were on the road in North Carolina. The cable tie that secured the orange boot to the unit had broken and been partially ingested in the cylinder. Blake from your technical support group was very helpful and patient when explaining how to fix the problem. I was able to fix it myself and we were back on the road in minutes! I’m now not only impressed with the improved handling of our Winnebago with Safe-T-Plus, but also your great customer service!
Bill Baker
Conroe, TX
I want to say that you folks sure do work hard to make sure that your customers are satisfied. I am glad that I chose Safe-T-Plus instead of any others on the market. Thank you for the help you all provided to me.

I just drove my RV about 80 miles on the new unit. It was a 100 percent improvement. It drove just like my car. Thanks!
John & Cindy McClure
Cortez, FL
Wow! The Safe T Plus rocks! We just returned from our trip yesterday and John was impressed. He said the steering was 75% better than before. We had a front moving thru and had lots of crosswinds so it was a great test drive. He likes it! Plan on attending the Orlando rally and talking with Chip about the rear end.

New Jersey
I installed the unit with the help of a mechanic friend. I took the coach on a trip this week, about 200 miles in 20 to 30 MPH winds, and it worked as it was supposed to. I still have to give it another adjustment as far as centering, but it is so slight that I am not too concerned with it as it was no problem driving. Thank you for your e-mail! It shows that your company is as reputable as everything I’ve read and your product truly works!
Edgewater, FL
The Safe-T-Plus works amazing and improved the drive by +200%!

McConnelsville, OH
I am super impressed with the communication, the timely process, and of course with the new unit. I will certainly share my experience with fellow travelers. Thanks again.
East Hampton, NY
Fantastic product. I install a 41-230 on our 2013 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. I did the install in my driveway. It took less then 1 hour. I don’t live close to an interstate, so my test was on a 2 lane road. Only needed one, very minor, adjustment. I can already tell the difference and can’t wait to get the coach on an interstate. Thanks for making a wonderful product.

Alpharetta, GA
I just realized I never thanked you for your assistance. I had the Safe-T-Plus installed by Camping World in Oakwood, GA. The technician told me that he had road tested the unit and dialed it in as close as he could, but that the coach needed a wheel alignment to really set the stabilizer exactly. They recommended a local shop that was able to do the alignment the same day. I went back to Camping World and they took it on the highway for the final adjustments.

The coach handles beautifully. It is easier to drive than any coach I have driven before; in fact, I have to pay attention or I find myself speeding along at 75 mph. Thanks again for all your assistance and advice with this great product. I’m a very satisfied customer…

Phil Enoch
White House, TN
Now that we have the Safe-T-Plus 41-230 on our coach I am so impressed with the difference it made in the handling of the RV. Wind, semi’s, and crowned roads are much easier to encounter. These added benefits go without mentioning the safety aspect of the product in which it was originally designed for.

Thank you for a quality product and for making our driving experience more comfortable and safe.

Tom Chelbana
Moreno Valley, CA

We were just returning to the US from a 3 month 10,000 mile trip to Alaska/Canada and were 60 miles north of Seattle on Interstate 5. Traveling 55 mph in the slow lane with 5 year old Michelin tires with TPMS the right front tire blow out. I was able to bring the 45K Newmar Essex to a safe stop along the on ramp and I am sure this would have been a different story without the Safe-T-Plus on our coach. We have had a Safe-T-Plus on both our London Aire and our Essex since 97 and feel much safer with it on our RV when something like this happens and it does happen.

We have a 45′ Monaco coach and have driven almost 7000 miles with the Safe-T-Plus system and Henderson Trim Adjust installed and can say that it is just as good as the HPC system was in controlling the handling of the coach, especially in cross winds and on roads that are crowned. It is possible to have a 90 degree cross wind that has flags standing straight out from their poles, set the trim, take your hands off the wheel and the coach will not drift out of the lane you are in. I just hope I never have a chance to test its performance in a front tire blowout situation but I feel it’s there if I need it.

Bruce Lagman
Phoenix, AZ
I can’t thank you enough. I really believe they just didn’t finish the installation process. I will tell you even with the rig pulling to the left, driving was instantly improved and was ten times better than before installation. I can’t wait to drive it with it properly centered etc. Thank you again for your help and willingness to get a hold of Anna Marie and save me the hassle of explaining it all to her. Feel free to put me on the list of really satisfied customers!
San Jose, CA
You folks have already won me over with customer service – which is an overused and misunderstood term these days. I would and will recommend your company in the future.

Jim Simpson
Lake Park, GA
The installation went well thanks to the helping hand ya’ll gave to the Camping World Tech. It was the first one he had installed and he made one adjustment and it is centered and works great. As I told you I had a Safe-T-plus on my first coach and wouldn’t be without one. My friend Larry Wilkerson said he talked to you a few weeks ago, I gave him your number, and you gave him the information for his coach and he will be having one put on also. It is so nice to find a company with people willing to be so friendly and helpful. I also want to thank you for the hats you sent me. I gave one to my friend Kevin for his birthday last weekend, he also has the Safe-T-Plus on his 2013 Winnebago. He got a kick out of that.

When folks talk at campgrounds everyone is always willing to share what works and what doesn’t. Trust me, Safe-T-Plus is always at the top of my list of “must have”. I tell them driving without one, is like driving without a seat belt to me.

Thanks again, Jim

David Eastridge
French Settlement, LA
We just returned from a two week trip to Key West and your Safety-T-Plus system made all the difference in the world. We encountered high cross winds and semi trucks blowing by us during the trip and your system did everything you said it would do. My wife actually will do some of the driving now, without white knuckling it! Thanks for all of your help.

Tom & Susan Hilla
Cumming, GA
Not a tech support question but just wanted to thank you for a great product. I bought my Tiffin Allegro motorhome new in 2006 and installed your Safe-T-Plus damper on my front axle to help with steering control. While driving home to Cumming from RV World in Buford on 12/30/13, I was passing an 18 wheeler when my right front tire blew out. Needless to say it made me jump but your product let me keep complete control so I could pull off to the side of the road with complete control. I can’t help but think that your product helped keep me from getting into a serious accident. THANK YOU!!!
Steve Scott
Lake Havasu, AZ
I have a Gillig Bus by Country Coach. I recently installed new shocks, new tires, and a complete front end alignment. However, I was still experiencing front end float and drifting which required full attention underway. This Bus has a 13,200lb. front I beam axle with a GVW of 42,200lb. I contacted Country Coach hoping they could suggest something that would make my driving experience more enjoyable and user friendly.

Country Coach, without hesitation sent me to Safe T Plus for my steering control issue. We had the Safety Plus unit (#41-230) installed in Lake Havasu prior to our return trip home to northern California. The change in handling with this bus was nothing short of amazing. For the first time is years I could enjoy the view while driving. The drifting disappeared, the bump steer stopped and the tracking (even with all new Michelins) all but disappeared. We normally take two days for the 600 mile trip, however with the this steering control I drove the full distance WITHOUT any stressful driving issues ( no white knuckles holding onto the wheel or sore neck muscles)

Prior to Safe T Plus I was considering trading up to a new Bus, thinking the handling was due to the I Beam axle and I just had to live with it! Boy was I wrong.

The only item Safe T Plus needs to add to the package is a bottle of No-Doze pills. This bus handled so smooth that I had a hard time staying awake. Thanks for the wonderful product, I wish I would have installed it years ago.

PS: I think my wife can finally drive now!”

Winston Chia
Chatham, Ontario
Finally made it to Forest City today and had the correct part installed. What a difference. Today was a windy day and on my way there, had to use a small highway and even then had to constantly correct the steering wheel just to keep it straight. After the installation, I was able to return home using a major highway. I did not have to correct the steering wheel constantly and the vehicle felt stable even with the high wind.

Amazing product and thank you for the great factory support.

Don & Brenda Tobin
Ontario, Canada
My wife and I started our vacation from Ontario, Canada and we drove to Atlanta, Georgia to meet up with the owners of the Safe-T-Plus steering system at their factory to have the steering control unit installed on our 2005 Winnebago Vectra. The owners and their complete team were extremely professional and very courteous to deal with. This was the best investment we’ve ever made on our Motorhome. Driving down to Georgia our unit was affected by high winds and any large tractor-trailer that passed us. It would wander and drift all over the road as was extremely hard to keep going straight and in the center of the lane. After having it installed we continued further south and my wife and I were extremely impressed how our coach no longer drifted towards the tractor-trailers as they passed or moved around in any wind. The steering was extremely responsive with no pulling or wondering in the steering wheel and it took little effort to keep it in the center of the lane on the highway or any backroad. I will never have another motorhome without this steering system installed on it. We highly recommend it and it’s a peace of mind and tt will put you at ease with no stress on you so you can enjoy your vacation and your traveling time. Thanks again you guys are the best.

Bob & Bonita Snodgrass
Foley, AL
We don’t actually need anyone to contact us , we just wanted to tell you how much we value your product! This is our 6th RV, we have had Safe-T-Plus on 4 of them. More than a dozen years ago our 34 foot National SeaView had the driver’s front tire blow out on us on the interstate in Virginia in the Hill country the tire actually blew OFF the coach yet due to your product we were able to safely stop on the shoulder. This past week driving from our home in Coastal Alabama to Amarillo ,Texas we had the Passenger front tire on our 40 foot Georgetown Blow out with a deafening bang!

The shoulder was so narrow we were unable to fully open the door to get out and inspect the tire or walk dogs. ( I was able to squeeze in and out with great difficulty) again your product allowed us to move safely to the side of the Interstate which was littered with shredded tires from big rigs.

We will never own a RV without a Safe-T-Plus installed on it prior to leaving the dealership! As uncomfortable as it may have been to sit in our rig for 5.5 hours while waiting for roadside help, (as every big rig passing by sent our coach shuddering and shaking like a milk shake machine!) We knew without the Safe-T-Plus we would have been seriously injured. The road is worse than a donkey trail between Memphis and Little Rock, yet thanks to your product my 72 year old husband was able to pull us smoothly to a stop without tossing the 4 passengers or 4 large dogs about and injuring any of us. He was not simply dealing with the blow out but the 18 wheelers that were flying by. We had been going 70+ and we barely keeping up with the flow of traffic. We drive a great deal for Dog Shows for our Large Purebred Dogs and often do so on roads that would make a trucker cringe.

Thanks again for your product as it truly is worth every penny!

Sharon & Peter Gardiner
Ontario, Canada
We are one of your extremely satisfied customers.

On our previous coach we purchased one of your Safe-T-Plus units. It was on the coach for at least six years. In the summer of 2012 we were driving along a two lane 60 MPH/100KPH HWY in northern Ontario. Nice sunny day and a straight road with oncoming traffic. We had been driving for about 3 hours when there was a sound like a rifle shot right under the driver’s seat. I realized immediately that it was a blowout of the front driver’s side tire. We were doing about 60 MPH/ 100 KPH. There was no problem bringing the coach to a safe controlled stop. We never did cross the centerline of the road (verified by the rubber marks on the road). The three other passengers in the coach heard the noise, but really did not know what was wrong until we were fully stopped at the side of the road.

We hate to think what would have happened if we did not have the Safe-T-Plus unit.

The dealer told me I did not need your unit on this new coach, but your unit certainly worked well in our emergency and we will get another one for our new vehicle.

Again a big Thank You to a company that is not afraid to stand behind their product.

South Haven, MS
In 2010 I installed a Safety-Plus on my 2004 Winnebago Adventurer and it has been and is everything you say it is in the October Motorhome magazine. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Worry free driving!!
Larry True
Versailles, KY
Got the Safe-T-Plus installed. Got it aligned the first try. Wow what a difference it made. I’m very pleased with your product.

Thanks so much

Jim Graham
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I took the MH into Carefree Monday for an install on Tuesday. I called Monday morn at 10:00am to find out approximately what time I could come and get it and it was already done. Great. We left Wednesday about noon in a driving wind and rain storm. Safe-T-Plus tracked beautifully and was everything I remembered from the last one. On Friday a calm day and coming through a mountain pass it tracked perfectly with hands off. You can recommend Carefree with no worries.

Once again thank-you for all your help and concern in getting this done.

Russ Miller
Boulder, CO
The Safe-T-Plus unit arrived yesterday (5/14/2013). I have completed the installation and centering, and everything is working as expected.

Thank you for coordinating this transaction so rapidly. It is gratifying to do business with a company that backs its products. I will surely continue to use Safe-T-Plus steering controls and recommend them to others.

P.S. I like the cap too!

Dale & Lucy Wilson
Silver City, NM
The mounting hardware arrived Friday night. The Kit number is F-119K2.5. My friend and I installed it today in about an hour. I think I have it centered but I will need to test it on a good section of road next week when I go to Tucson. The instructions are very good and I don’t feel I will have any trouble centering if I have to. I did take it out for a short test drive today and I could tell the difference right away because there were some side winds which did not blow me around like it did before.
Bruce Teixeira
Norton, MA
Just wanted to send a note of Thank You. I had your steering stabilizer installed on my Motorhome for approx. 7 years when it started to devolop an oil leak. As instructed I shipped the unit back , it was inspected and determined that in fact it was leaking. A new unit was shipped free of charged.

Again a big Thank You to a company that is not afraid to stand behind their product.

Terry Reitz
San Antonio, TX
The (Safe-T-Plus) device is working. The motorhome unit is significantly better than it was. The side to side motion is not completely gone but it is much better.
Greg Nichols
Orange Beach, AL
I finished the install using the 1/2″ and 3/4″ spacers. I jacked the front wheels off the floor and observed stop to stop movement with no contact.

Then I lowered the vehicle as the airbags inflated with no contact (earlier this was the point where there was slight contact with the fuel tank using just the 3/4″ spacer). I then test drove with some stop to stop turns and no contact. The tracking was perfect as far as I could tell. I was not on the perfect road but it will be very close.

There was a noticeable improvement in stability and tracking.

I want to thank you and Mr. Sexton for the great service and support. I would recommend your company and product to any interested party.

Bob Beers
Redmond, WA
Received the replacement Safe-T-Plus Friday and thank you much, much.

Installed it using original bracket positions and steering wheel was not centered. Adjusted tie rod bracket to center steering wheel, went for a dive and it was PERFECT… WOW!! Now I remember how great STP is.

Dennis French
Tucson, AZ
I purchased a Safe-T-Plus after a cross country round trip from Florida, it makes a difference in my driving experience. I find now I can look around and enjoy the scenery, I don’t need to take as many breaks, I can actually let go of the wheel.

I have a class B cdl, so I’ve experienced heavier vehicles that seem glued to the road. While my 34 foot class A is much lighter and more susceptible to cross winds and uneven roads. Especially today’s unmaintained US highways. Your product makes me comfortable to drive the long distances.

I installed it at an RV campground and drove in a parking lot to get the adjustment correct, figured I would have to do it again but never have. Thanks for the installation videos and support, I needed help because my coach is from 1993 (Spartan EC2000 chassis) to get the proper bracket. (I’m handy).

Shirley Cornelison
Cocoa, FL
We purchased a diesel coach and I had difficulty driving it. My husband could keep it under control but I had trouble keeping it steady in the lane because the steering was so sensitive to the touch. After installing Safe-T-Plus I felt so much more confident driving. It made all the difference in the world for me to handle the coach. We also had the Safe-T-Plus installed on our earlier gas coach and that made the steering better.

We highly recommend your product to all our friends. The information you provided about dropping the Safe-T-Plus when having front end work done was something we were not aware of and we will make sure that is done in the future.

Fred T.
Fort Mill, SC
We did have one experience on a narrow mountain road where I was forced onto the shoulder by a passing car. The recovery was easy, I feel the Safe-T-Plus made it easy. After recovering I did think to myself what would it have been like without the Safe-T-Plus. I’m sure I would have over corrected or been pulled further off the edge of the road without the Safe-T-Plus. I truly feel the Safe-T-Plus improved the handling and enjoyment of driving our Coach. I would recommend your product to anyone that feels uneasy when passed by large trucks. Your product makes driving long distances a joy.

John Doyle
Louisville, KY
I want you to know that this is my third vehicle with a Safe-T-Plus. Originally it was recommended by my RV service provider. I was so impressed with the difference in performance that I installed one on my next RV as well. So, over the last 20 or so years, I have owned two class B van conversions and a class A motorhome. I have talked to several other RV’ers about their driving experiences, and have recommended the Safe-T-Plus to others who have complained about handling.
Serge Beaudry
Quebec, Canada
I live in my motorhome year around its  20 years old  now, and my safe-T-plus unit is the most reliable piece of equipment  after all these years it still perform! As a bonus i have discover a real reliable customer service.   Thanks  for the peace of mind .

Marty McLemore
Hesperia, CA
I just had the Safe-T-Plus installed on my motorhome, and during the ride home from Bob’s Tire in Victorville, CA. I was very much impressed by the improvement in handling of my coach. I am pleased with the outcome. It makes me feel better about driving my motorhome. At least, I can keep the motorhome in my own lane, going down the hiway. Thanks for such Great Customer Help and Support!!!
Matt Rzonca
Walnut, CA
Your instructions were very good, and we adjusted it this weekend. There is definitely a marked improvement on the steering when driving, although not perfect, but it sure is much easier to drive. Thanks for everything. You guys are a great company. I wish service was like this everywhere!

Sivano Sanchez
Nampa, ID
Here’s a note of appreciation for your help. Please make sure you let folks know about this satisfied customer. I know I will. Thanks so much. I recently had the Safe-T-plus installed in my 2011 Tioga Ranger on an E450 chassis. When driving my motorhome I experienced some pulling to the sides which did not feel like normal road conditions. I decided to call The Safe-T-Plus folks for advice using the contact form in their website. I explained the problem in detail. The very same day I received a reply by e-mail. They maintained contact with me by e-mail on a daily basis trying different options to correct the problem. I am not very mechanically skilled but these two fellows convinced me that the adjustment was so simple that I and my wife could do the work ourselves. They asked me to call during the process and he would walk me through it. Once I saw how simple it was I proceeded to do it myself. It took a couple of tries but we got er done! I just returned from a trip that included interstate and secondary road driving. I must say that the steering is a definite improvement.

I cannot say enough about the outstanding customer support that I received from them. These folks are proud of their product and believe in it. They will go out of their way to ensure that customers get the full benefit of their product. It is very gratifying to find this kind of personalized customer support and attention.