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Watch: Front Tire Blowout Causes Motorhome Crash

We hear all the time how quickly accidents can happen while on the road. Split-second decisions that no one has time to think can change the outcome entirely — for better or for worse.

This video out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from earlier this week illustrates just how fast everything can go wrong. Continue reading

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‘How to Install Safe-T-Plus’ Video Now Available

The second round of our summer video production is here – “How to Properly Install Safe-T-Plus”.   As you will see, mounting a Safe-T-Plus is not complicated.  Our technical team, led by Mr. Phillip Sexton, guides you through a step-by-step, hands-on … Continue reading

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Taming the Class C E-350/450 Chassis

Still fighting the oversteering and handling of your E-350/450 chassis vehicle?  Here are few tips that might help you tame the ride. Class C motor homes approaching 30 feet may present some of the more difficult handling challenges to correct.  … Continue reading

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