Thanksgiving Day Trivia – Did you know?

Safe-T-Plus Steering Control  Thanksgiving Day Trivia

Did you know?  Benjamin Franklin liked the idea of the turkey being our National Bird rather than the eagle.  Seems there was a letter he wrote to his daughter objecting to the eagle.  However, there is no evidence that ole Ben ever actually proposed that the turkey be our National Bird.  Franklin apparently considered the turkey to be typically American and he thought the eagle was of questionable moral character.  Specifically, he was opposed to the eagle’s habit of stealing food that other birds had caught.

 Oh my,my,my –  what kind of jokes and comments would be apropos in today’s political environment if yummy ole Tom were elected the “Big Bird” of the nation?  OK, go ahead and “fire” some back just for grins.

But keep it nice and in the spirit of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Safe-T-Plus Steering Control.

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