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Over the decades, our products and staff have helped a lot of Good People and we're always happy to hear what they say.

Tom Anderson USA, USA

On Monday 1/7/19 I purchased and had the Safe-t-plus installed at your factory on my 2015 Itasca Sunstar 27N. The service at the factory was great! Barry was the installer and I can't say enough about his courtesy and helpfulness. After the install I drove the unit home to Billings, Montana. There was a very positive and noticeable change in the handling. One day was spent battling 25 mph cross winds and I am so very glad I was able to get the Safe-T-Plus installed. It ought to be a factory installed item on every Class A motor home built on the Ford F-53 chassis. I am willing to be a reference if you have potential customers. Thanks again for the great buying and install experience.

Bill McClintick USA, USA

I did purchase and install the Safe-T-Plus. I was fortunate that I didn't have to make any adjustments and our first drive was about 250 miles down to the Galveston, TX area. My expectations were pretty high though I don't know why since this 26000lb Ford chassis handles so much better then the 22000lb chassis it replaced. Anyway, the most noticeable improvement was during cornering. The Moho displayed 50% less body roll and that's very good. The other thing I get is some peace of mind that I've taken some precaution to protect us should we have a front tire blowout (thankful I've never had any sort of tire mishap in 6 FT years and some 50000 miles.) I will take you up on sending some photos of my install. The only thing I would have changed would have been to schedule my travel closer to GA to have your techs do the install. Thanks again for your wonderful contact! All businesses could learn a lot from your customer care!! God Bless you!

Les and Donna Aseere  Grants Pass, OR

My Tiffin coach tracks straight and very much easier to drive over uneven pavements and rough roads. I’m no longer “sawing” the steering wheel all day. I am more than satisfied with the product and the quality installation/adjustments made by Barry. You all have a great team there. I’m spreading the word. Thanks also for the overnight accommodations and the generous pancake breakfast in the morning. We will surely drop by when in the area.

Debbie Cox Buchanan, TN

We love our Safe T Plus!! Rodney’s cousin ordered one for his “new to him” Coach, too; we think he is going to install his. We had a great time with you guys. You are a beautiful family!

Jim Frolick Athol, MA

As you are aware this unit is an RMA replacement item. I have used the Safe T Plus for about 35,000 miles and guarantee you I would not drive without it. My F-53 chassis was a white-knuckle herding experience before the Safe T Plus. Keeping it between the lines was an intensely stressful experience, and side winds and trucks passing a nightmare. After installation it was a two-finger steer, tracked true down the road, and we were not bothered by sidewinds, truck traffic passing or high-crowned roads. It really makes driving a pleasure. Thanks for a great product.

Doug Jones USA

Our experience with you, and the rest of the staff, was exceptional. Our rig definitely handles better. The "slop" in the steering is gone, it tracks much better, and it minimizes my driver fatigue. I no longer feel as if I am fighting to keep the rig on the road.

Steve and Joan Gogoj

We recently had your steering stabilizer installed on our class A motorhome freightliner MCL chassis at your Austell, GA factory. The installation was professionally done and we are very satisfied with the performance of the unit. Improvements include: side sway when trucks pass is now very minimal or nonexistent ... lane tracking is very much improved, as well as tracking on uneven pavement ... driving fatigue is reduced. We would highly recommend this installation on any motorhome.

Joe McDermott

I installed the Safe-T-Plus unit just before two scheduled trips in the coach. It is a very straightforward installation which is a testament to your quality work and engineering! It took me two quick roadside adjustments to get it just right and tracking straight. The change was nothing short of dramatic! What a difference to drive. My only disappointment now is that the RV manufacturers are sending out these Ford chassis motor homes without that installed at the factory. For safety alone it should be required. And who wouldn’t want the added comfort and reduced fatigue that it provides. My son also drove the coach before and after. He could not believe the difference in handling. He said it went from “white knuckling” it over a bridge to not even noticing the bridge anymore! Thank you for your assistance and for a great product!

Steve Brown

We are at the Tiffin Rally in Essex Junction, VT. We had our Safe-T-Plus system installed in Alabama at an authorized retailer. The installers could never get our device centered and we did not notice any significant improvement in the driveability of our RV. While at our Rally in Essex Junction, VT, we scheduled an adjustment. There are no superlatives that express how pleased we were with Jacob, our rally technician. He took us on a test drive and could see immediately that there was something wrong with our system. He got under our vehicle and determined that the Safe-T-Plus device was installed improperly by the authorized installation facility. They installed it backwards and the tie-rod connection bracket was bent by at least 30 degrees. Jacob was like a stabilizer whisperer. It was nothing short of amazing. He got us back to a position of safety, removed the improperly installed device, corrected it, then took us out for a second test drive. It was near perfect out of the gate. It required a very minor adjustment and he had us ready to go. He was kind, professional and skilled beyond belief. We are forever in his debt and true believers in this system and this company. Safe-T-Plus...Jacob is a gem. Thank you Jacob!!!!

Russ Steiger Lincoln, NE

Installation was as easy as your videos said it would be. Setting it was also super easy. We took it out to Wisconsin, and it performed better than I could have ever expected. The big test was traveling across Nebraska in the wind and with the Semi’s, traveling to Colorado. AGAIN our Motorhome handled like a dream, and succeeded our expectations. The Safe-T-plus was our best investment ever.

Steve Fox

During the test drive, I let go of the wheel for a half mile and my coach stayed straight.  There is no play in my steering wheel.  As expected, steering is more firm, but not excessively so, and I like the additional steering feel.  Driving back to the RV park in traffic wasn’t a problem. I am impressed that no adjustments were needed.  Also impressive were the people I met there this afternoon.  And I appreciate your customer approach:  answer questions honestly and let the customer decide.   It all added up to an excellent experience.      

Randy Kies USA

I’d like to thank you and all the folks at Safe-T-Plus in Austell that we met during our factory visit on May 23rd.  Everyone was so friendly and treated us (including our dog) like family.  We didn’t have to wait for our RV to be serviced and the installation was completed in less than 30 minutes.  The fellow on the test drive was professional and skilled and before I knew it, we were back on the road. Our trip over to Austell was painful, raining most of the way and Atlanta traffic was not fun, especially with us in a big RV contending with all the tractor trailers.  Our return trip was just the opposite, traffic through downtown Atlanta was a breeze, no rain, and the Safe-T-Plus was very stable.  On I-85 I ran between 65 and 70 the whole way and felt very comfortable--I rarely went over 65 before. So far I’ve driven about 1000 miles on I-85, I-40, and I-81 fighting heavy truck traffic most of the way.  These are roads I previously tried to avoid as much as possible, but now, with the Safe-T-Plus installed, I feel comfortable driving on them, no  more “white knuckles”. I would recommend everyone with a Freightliner chassis to seriously consider taking a trip to Austell Georgia and have a Safe-T-Plus package installed.  It made a huge difference in my driving.

Ron Shealy Nashville, TN

Drive was great! Made a significant difference in the way the coach handles. Love it!  Thanks for a great product and a great company with great employees!

Susan Tinnerello Canala Winchester, OH

We attended our first FMCA rally in Indianapolis in July and saw your product. Since we are doing several long distance trips back to back, I told my husband this product might be a good investment. I am new to driving our 40' diesel pusher and don't have much strength. I was driving at 65 miles per hour when I heard a loud bang followed by other noises. I said to my husband do you think we blew a tire? Never once did the steering wheel jerk or pull which allowed me to stay calm. I turned off the cruise, set the flashers on and pulled off the road. We did in fact have the right front tire blow and start to shred off. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised that the bar more than met our expectations. I truly believe it prevented a much worse scenario and am so thankful. The only damage to the motor coach was some rubber from the tire on the inner wheel well. We have told everyone on our journey about how excellent the SafeTPlus bar is. Who would have known that it would prove its worth so quickly after purchase? It saved us, the motor coach and repair costs. Excellent product.

Lori Elton Port Orchard – WA

Just letting you know I LOVE the Safe T Plus that I had installed on my motorhome!! It handles much better, with less 'play' in the steering! I would highly recommend one to others, it's definitely worth the money! Thanks for a great product!

Paul Regal Souderton, PA

We just got home from Tennessee and 2200 miles It was like driving in a Lazy Boy recliner Smooth and straight ! Thanks again for your help and ++++++ for Safe-t -Plus.

Bruce Chamblin Jr. Florida

I just wanted to pass along a BIG Thanks to your company and your Safe-T-Plus Steering Control product for helping me gain and keep control of my Thor Outlaw 38RF Class A Motorhome on I-90 in South Dakota near the end of May. A day of gusty 20-30mph winds led to a large Dust Devil coming from behind a hill and out in front of me on the Interstate immediately as I came around that hill and passed under an overpass. The severe wind pushed me immediately over 3/4 of the way into the left lane but I was able to keep control of the RV and slowly get myself back over into the right lane. Fortunately, there was no vehicle in the left lane as this occurred or it could have been trouble, but I felt the Safe-T-Plus help me keep control once I realized the situation and keep it on the road and on two wheels!

Michael Robinson Oxford, GA

I sincerely appreciated the kindness and generosity you, Josh and John provided me yesterday.  I felt very welcomed and the customer service was absolutely remarkable.  As a result of the steering stabilizer installed on my RV, I can definitely tell the difference with good steering control.  Should I encounter anyone needing a steering stabilizer, I will certainly recommend your firm for excellent quality service.

Buddy Blake Florida

Just to let you know that we took a trip and the Safe T Plus was excellent. It was so nice not to have to wrestle with the steering wheel. The Safe T Plus is an excellent product ! Thanks for following up!

Alan Pedersen New York

I wanted to circle back with you to thank you and the entire team for my great experience at your facility having my unit installed.  As we were in the middle of a trip, I had a great opportunity to compare before and after experience.  Without question, the installation of the safe-t-plus made a very significant difference to my driving experience - more solid feel, less impact for passing trucks, less cross wind impact.  Combining this with the great experience from you, Tori and Josh and your front desk person certainly reinforced the decision to make the purchase.  I have also just posted a positive response in the freightliner section of IRV2. com.  Thanks again, Alan, Nance and the dogs.

Steve Anello Debary, FL

Your product has really made an improvement in the handling of our RV. It makes it much easier to drive and makes passing trucks and drop off on the road much less stressful. We have put over 2000 miles on the RV since the install and I have arrived at each of our destinations much more relaxed. Thanks.

Doug Jordon Jupiter, FL

The team was exceptional. We were treated extremely well. I'm now in Mich and had strong winds on trip. What a difference...no more rock and roll. Makes driving a whole new experience.   Just met someone who has friend that recently bought used motorhome. Told them your product was a "must buy".  Pls tell Brian, Josh, Jacob and Sarah we really appreciated their professionalism. And, your directions were perfect...Thanks

Don Buol Puyallup, WA

Thanks for finding a spot that would work with our schedule.  The service was outstanding and the stabilizer works perfectly.  I can feel a slight improvement in on-center performance but I really felt improvement when we got on a rough stretch of highway; much less sharp feedback through the steering wheel.

Bill Kloos Cordova, TN

I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you - we just made our first long trip in the coach since visiting you.  The coach handled very well.  It seems to be be very well centered and our steering is even more solid than if was before.   It was certainly a pleasure visiting your facility and meeting you.  Everyone we came in contact with was very courteous and helpful.  It's always satisfying to work with professional companies who understand the meaning of good customer service and your company sure fits that description.   We won't hesitate to recommend both your product and your company.

Larry Semones Chester, VT

I have been remiss in sending this to you. I installed a Safe T Plus unit on my 26 ft Born Free class c, Ford E 450. In July 2014 while on my last leg of a trip to Colorado I had a sudden left front tire failure on the New York Thruway. While the unit did pull me into passing lane and I eventually reached left shoulder and it was done in a controlled manner after the initial tire failure. I believe your product did its job and my wife and I avoided a serious accident.

Scott Swartz Pennsylvania

Just wanted to say thanks. I used to be all over the road! Now I OWN the road!!! Great product!

Ed Engstrom Little Rock, AR

I really cannot express how very satisfied I am, your staff was spectacular and simply the finest customer service I have had.....in years. I was so impressed I chose to post a thread on the IRV2 website about my experience. Your product worked perfectly, and my trip home was a breeze. Thanks to all.

Timothy Brown Wyoming

Today was my test drive day. I picked up our Tiffin from Freightliner where they installed the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control and stored it for two months. I drove it the 30 miles home towing my Jeep and not a hitch. It worked great! I absolutely love the way it handles. The normal drift that I used to get is gone. It tracks straight and true. Thanks for you support and follow up. I am one happy camper. Heading to Florida for eight weeks on Saturday. Looking forward to warm air and good friends. Great product and will recommend to many in my group and those that I meet on the road along the way

Dave B Arkansas

This is the second motorhome that I have had the Safe-T-Pus on.  Not only do I feel that if I had a front tire blow out that I would have more control, it really changes the driving experience.  With the Safe-T-Plus I can relax because of how the motorhome tracks going down the road. It makes a big difference when being passed by a semi.  This allows for a little more time to enjoy the scenery and not feel like I’m fighting to keep the motorhome between the lines.  I don’t feel wore out when we arrive at the next stop.  I’m sure that anyone that decides to install the Safe-T-Plus will wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

Ron Sealy Cottontown, TN

Drive was great! Made a significant difference in the way the coach handles. Love it! Thanks for a great product and a great company with great employees!

Bill Baker Conroe, TX

I want to say that you folks sure do work hard to make sure that your customers are satisfied. I am glad that I chose Safe-T-Plus instead of any others on the market. Thank you for the help you all provided to me.

Craig Goble Bear Lake, MI

Just wanted to send a big "thank you" to you for helping us solve a problem with our 140 Safe-T-Plus when we were on the road in North Carolina. The cable tie that secured the orange boot to the unit had broken and been partially ingested in the cylinder. Blake from your technical support group was very helpful and patient when explaining how to fix the problem. I was able to fix it myself and we were back on the road in minutes! I'm now not only impressed with the improved handling of our Winnebago with Safe-T-Plus, but also your great customer service!

Dan Wright Atlanta, GA

Bought and installed. We are about to drive 3000 miles. The test drive after installation was wonderful. What a difference. Now it drives like a car. Thanks.

Jim Todd Troy, MO

I cannot thank you and the Safe-T-Plus Company for the fantastic customer service that you provide. I have written on the IRV2 forum in a thread about the Safe-T-Plus about my very positive experience with you and your company. Any chance I get to talk it up believe me I will.

Dennis & Cathy St. Johns, MI

After we purchased the Safe-T-Plus steering control system, my wife and I installed the unit ourselves in approximately 1 hour. We then took it out on a local Hwy and followed the instructions as to centering the system. After 3 attempts we were successful. The following weekend we took our motorhome to Traverse City, Michigan for a long weekend. While enroute we encountered a heavy rain storm with high winds and the Safe-T-Plus system worked like a charm. We maintained our lane with no trouble and only a light hand on the steering wheel. Not the death grip I had experinced while driving the motorhome from the dealer we purchased it from. With passing semi trucks and winds I had both hands on the steering wheel to maintain my lane. Thanks again for the friendly help in finding out which system I needed and the email's showing the instructions and video's on our to install the system and center it. Thanks to Safe-T-Plus my wife and I have and will continue to enjoy our motorhome with extra peace of mind of safety in the handling of our unit on the road.

John Sopko Placentia, CA

We got them installed and they both drive great. It's a lot easier driving it down the road. Glad we got them and feel better knowing that it's on there in the event of a tire failure. These should be standard on all RV's. Appreciate you and the company being all for the customer!

Andreas Christofi Pennsylvania

I just returned from a trip to the New England States and was so pleased with the performance of my Safe-T-Plus steering control! What a difference it made in the handling of the RV and especially when the big rigs went past with no problems! I am very pleased with it.

Marc Arizona

I love it. 10 out of 10. Being new to RVing, I did not know what to expect! This was night and day. I am glad I saw you at the Phoenix RV show!

Ron Dusing Rochester, NY

It's all that you said it would be. Had the Safe-T-Plus steering control installed Tuesday and went on our first trip Friday. I was so amazed at the way my motor home handled and how good I felt when we got to the campground.

Sheila & Michael Navarra Stormville, NY

My husband installed the Safe-T-Plus and we tested it out last week on a short camping trip, about 2.5 hours away. The steering was definitely much better than it was though it's not perfect. We are adding more heavy duty shocks, a rear trac bar and front and rear sway bars to the vehicle. We really are wondering why this Safe T Plus is not standard equipment on the E450 camping chassis and how Ford is allowed to get away with putting in such minimal equipment! In total, we are spending over $2000 to make the vehicle safe to drive. It's a shame they just don't off all of this as an option when you purchase the camping equipment... I don't know anyone who wouldn't purchase it! Anyway, thank you for all of your help with this...checking back with us means a great deal to us! You are a bright spot in all of this mess we have to deal with!

William Isenhart Newark, OH

I had my RV mechanic install the Safe-T-Plus on my Tiffin 32CA and the steering slack/white knuckle wind/semi truck correction problem is much improved. I am very happy that I spent the bucks to make this upgrade happen. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

George Stephens Vestal, NY

The install was a snap and I'm satisfied with the centering after only one stop to adjust. I'm very impressed with the difference in the handling. Much less wandering and oversteer. I'm looking forward to a longer road trip (and better roads) to really feel the difference. Thanks to the Safety-T-Plus team!

John Jerman Fort Worth, TX

We recently returned from an almost 2k mile trip in our 38' gas class A on Ford Chassis. Before I left I installed the 230 Safe T Steer and a rear track bar. I had a friend driving a similar rv travel with us. I could see his swaying and leaning whenever i was behind him. I barely felt what he was feeling. On last day, driving west to Dallas, I drove 500 miles with a 15-20 mph crosswind, with no trouble, and really didn't feel it until I stopped for gas. My buddy only had 150 miles to drive that day, and said it wore him out.

Gene Colorado Springs, CO

First, my many thanks for your great customer relations and service! Your tech help is commendable, and it will make it very easy to recommend your company to others. I got the installation of the stabilizer done yesterday and took it for the road test this morning. WOW! What a difference it made in the steering of our mini class A motorhome. And that was just around town. I no longer have to “white knuckle” the steering wheel over irregularities in the road. It steers like I thought it should have from the factory! I am now anxious to drive it on our road trip the weekend of the 8th of Oct. The product is definitely worth what we paid for it. Thanks again for all your assistance, and for a great product.

Mike Casuso New Jersey

Just returned from a 2000 mile round trip. The steering stabilizer definitely improved the handling of my motor home. I was able to drive 500 miles each day without any issues. I would not have been able to drive that many miles without the stabilizer. The tractor trailers had minimum affect while passing us. Very happy with the stabilizer, I highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing it. Thank you.

Leon Schneider Jackson, MS

It’s on and tracking straight. I really like the way it keeps the coach tracking straight. It really helps cut fatigue. Thanks for the help and prompt service.

Safe T Plus is sold at certified dealers or available factory direct.