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Worry Less and Enjoy the Drive

Safe T Plus Precision Steering Control helps protect 18-wheelers, motorhomes, travel trailers, buses, and other vehicles for a safer, more comfortable ride.

Safe T Plus is proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Vehicle Lifetime Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Simple 1-hour bolt-on installation
  • Same-day factory direct shipping

"I installed the Safe-T-Plus unit just before two scheduled trips in the coach. The change was nothing short of dramatic!" —Joe McDermott,

"Installation was as easy as your videos said it would be. Setting it was also super easy. The Safe-T-plus was our best investment ever." —Russ Steiger, Lincoln, NE

"During the test drive, I let go of the wheel for a half mile and my coach stayed straight." —Steve Fox,

"I would recommend everyone with a Freightliner chassis to seriously consider taking a trip to Austell Georgia and have a Safe-T-Plus package installed.  It made a huge difference in my driving." —Randy Kies, USA

"Drive was great! Made a significant difference in the way the coach handles. Love it! Thanks for a great product and a great company with great employees!" —Ron Shealy, Nashville, TN

Side winds, eat my dust.

Safe T Plus Precision Steering Control helps reduce the effects of:

  • Road wandering
  • Side Winds
  • Passing Semi-Trucks
  • Over-steering
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Rut Tracking

Safe T Plus fits most motorhomes and tow vehicles.

Safe T Plus is sold at certified dealers or available factory direct.