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Safe T Plus Factory Direct – Red Bay, AL

Visit Red Bay:


1012 4th Street W
Red Bay, AL 35582

Store Hours:

Monday: 8am – 5pm
Tuesday: 8am – 5pm
Wednesday: 8am – 5pm
Thursday: 8am – 5pm
Friday: 8am – 5pm


Red Bay’s Products & Services:

Better Ride Products & Bundles:

  • Safe T Plus Steering Control – helps reduce over-steering
  • Koni Shocks – smoother, plush ride
  • Trac Bar – reduces “fish-tailing” effect
  • Radius Rods – prevent suspension forward & rearward movement
  • Steady Plus Sway Bars – reduces top heaviness; stabilizes sway, improves overall driver control
  • Sumo Springs – enhance load carrying
  • Motion Control Units – reduces sway, body roll, rocking motion
  • Tire Monitor System – monitors temp and inflation
  • Bell Crank – reduces side-to-side movement
  • Drag Link – straighten crooked or off-center steering wheel

Same Day Services & Bundles:

  • Coming Soon

Bundle discount for a combo of 4 products and/or services