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Safety, Peace of Mind, and a Better Driving Experience.

You can expect every quality-crafted, highly-engineered Safe T Plus Steering Control unit to give you a safer, better ride whether you drive a motorhome, RV, tow vehicle, semi-truck, concrete mixer, fleet vehicle, school bus, and just about every other kind of small-to-medium truck or bus out there on the open road. You can count on us.

31-140 (silver)

  • Class B, C Motorhomes
  • Leisure Travel & Custom Vans
  • Pickup Truck, SUV, and Van Tow Vehicles
  • Passenger Cars
  • Color: Silver

41-140 (red)

  • Some Class A V10 F53 14-16K GVWR
  • 1990's Light Duty Class A RV's
  • Straight Axle Light Duty Trucks
  • Light Duty Fleet Trucks
  • International Light Duty Trucks
  • Color: Red

41-180 (white)

  • Some Class A V10 F53 18-22K GVWR
  • Light Duty Fleet Vehicles
  • Small Commercial Box Trucks
  • Medium Sized Buses
  • Light Duty Fleet Vehicles
  • Color: White

41-230 (blue)

  • Class A RVs
  • Motor Coaches
  • Semi-Trucks
  • Large Fleet Vehicles (i.e. box trucks, dump trucks, etc.)
  • Concrete Mixers, Front Load Mixers
  • Waste Haulers
  • School Buses
  • Tour Buses
  • Commercial Buses
  • Color: Blue

41-270 (green)

  • Industrial Fleet Vehicles with Tag Axles
  • Heavy-Duty Fleet Vehicles – Transporter
  • Multi-Axle Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  • Color: Green

42-270 (yellow)

  • Most Class A Motorhomes with Independent Front Suspension (55-60 degree turning radius)
  • Color: Yellow
Other Better Ride Products

Better Ride

Steady Plus

Wind is no match for our Steady Plus Sway Bars. And they’ll stand up to passing truck drafts, windy roads, potholes, and unbalanced loads, too. Remove the headache, stress, and fatigue from constantly counter-steering with the stability and safety of Steady Plus sway bars.

Koni Shocks

As the exclusive KONI distributor for RVs on the East Coast, we know firsthand how these shock absorbers perform when used with a Safe T Plus steering control unit. Dealers receive premium support and training to keep customers happy, and our plant now offers KONI installation as a part of our factory program.

Sumo Springs

Make a BIG impact on your load carrying, stabilization, and overall ride performance with a set of SumoSprings. This low-maintenance suspension solution supports both front and rear applications - all without leaking air or requiring airlines or compressors. Choose from a variety of heights, diameters, and densities and be ready to bounce back safely.

SuperSteer Rear Trac Bars

Put your white knuckle driving in the past with the SuperSteer® Rear Trac Bar. Almost every RVer has experienced that uneasy feeling that occurs when the steering wheel is turned suddenly- a swinging motion that threatens your control over the vehicle. Our rear trac bar puts an end to that "Tail Wagging the Dog" sensation, greatly improving stability, driver control and safety. The SuperSteer® Rear Trac Bar prevents side-to-side motion, giving you safer and happier RV driving.

SuperSteer Radius Rods

When you add Radius Rods to your Ford F-53 Motorhome, it will help to control movement in the front leaf spring bushing. The front to back flexing will be reduced and you will also experience improved cornering. Radius Rods are designed to stop the forward and rearward movement of the front suspension. There is a lot of flex in the leaf springs and the spring eye bushings.

The Radius Rods will make the steering more responsive and reduce sawing at the steering wheel in sweeping turns. An additional benefit is an increase in stability. The SuperSteer® Radius Rods are a solution to common Ford F-53 problems including, Sway and Body Roll, Steering Play, Wind Buffeting, Road Wander and Rut Tracking.

SuperSteer MCU

Rock and roll should only apply to music. And our Motion Control Units are built to keep it that way. Make your ride smoother with improved air spring compression and rebound while eliminating sway and body roll.

Tire Monitor Systems

When you need the tire monitoring technology to keep your vehicle safe, stay in the know with tire minders from Safe T Plus. When it comes to checking and monitoring potential tire failures, this is where the rubber hits the road. Literally.

SuperSteer Bell Crank

Original equipment designs used common sleeve bushings that often bind and wear out prematurely which leads to steering play and road wander. Replacing the bell crank improves chassis returnability, helps to eliminate the "slop in the steering" which helps to extend tire life, reduces road wander and rut tracking.

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