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Worry Less and Enjoy the Drive

Safe T Plus Precision Steering Control helps protect 18-wheelers, motorhomes, travel trailers, buses, and other vehicles for a safer, more comfortable ride.

Safe T Plus is proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Vehicle Lifetime Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Simple 1-hour bolt-on installation
  • Same-day factory direct shipping

"There was a very positive and noticeable change in the handling." —Tom Anderson , USA, USA

"All businesses could learn a lot from your customer care!!" —Bill McClintick , USA, USA

"I’m no longer “sawing” the steering wheel all day." —Les and Donna Aseere ,  Grants Pass, OR

"We love our Safe T Plus!!" —Debbie Cox , Buchanan, TN

"It really makes driving a pleasure." —Jim Frolick , Athol, MA

Side winds, eat my dust.

Safe T Plus Precision Steering Control helps reduce the effects of:

  • Road wandering
  • Side Winds
  • Passing Semi-Trucks
  • Over-steering
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Rut Tracking

Safe T Plus fits most motorhomes and tow vehicles.

Safe T Plus is sold at certified dealers or available factory direct.