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Family Fun Should be Safe and Enjoyable Driving

Motorhome traveling is supposed to be a fun, relaxing, and pleasantly memorable experience. Not physically and mentally demanding and exhausting as you attempt to hold it steady in a straight line for thousands of miles across this great nation. Over-steering your vehicle because of side winds, passing semi-trucks, and bad roads no longer have to interrupt your fun. Safe T Plus is the difference.

Safe T Plus is always working so you can enjoy your RV driving experience, helping you to keep your motorhome driving through challenging side winds, shoving winds of semi-trucks passing, rut tracking carved in the road, crowned highways, potholes, pavement drops, and other general bad road conditions. Safe T Plus gives you peace of mind for a safe and pleasurable traveling experience for you and your family.

Helps Improve the Following RV Driving Challenges:

  • Road Wandering
  • Over-Steering
  • Side Winds
  • Passing Semi-Trucks
  • Bad Roads
  • Front Tire Blowouts
  • Travel Fatigue

Fits RVs and Includes:

  • Class A, B, C Motorhomes
  • Motorcoaches & Buses
  • Leisure Vans & Custom Vehicles
  • Toy Haulers
  • Tow Vehicles for Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Pop-up Campers

Installation Made Easy

In about an hour, and with standard garage tools, installation is fairly straightforward. There’s no welding, wiring or drilling involved. After installation is complete, please road test the product and then, center it. Then, you’ll be on the open road in no time.

Ordering is easy, too, with Authorized Safe T Plus dealers, Camping World locations, and online resellers to choose from. We’ll also customize how you receive your product – whether you do it yourself, we do it all for you, or anything in between.

Here’s what to expect for your installation:

  • Simple Bolt-on Installation
  • No Welding
  • No Drilling
  • No Wiring
  • Standard Garage Tools

Here’s a video from Tiny Home Tours of the effects of an RV blowout (not equipped with Safe T Plus) in action:

Ask us anything! We’re standing by to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Reach out by email or phone from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Let’s talk.

How-To Videos

Learn all you care to learn with videos about Safe T Plus’ company history, our reason to be in business, our safe and dependable safety products and the road ahead for us. Also watch how to install a variety of our products in different vehicles. Enjoy!

Check back often as new videos are coming.