In 1980, United Safety Apparatus, Inc., the manufacturer of Safe-T-Plus, was founded on the principle of enhancing the driving experience and saving lives. Today, Safe-T-Plus is a leading steering control product in the recreational, SUV, bus and industrial vehicle markets. Safe-T-Plus is currently distributed and sold worldwide.

Designed specifically for large vehicles including RVs, vans, pickup trucks, tractor-trailers and school buses, Safe-T-Plus provides positive centering capabilities, reducing wear and tear on all components associated with the steering assembly. With millions of miles on thousands of vehicles, Safe-T-Plus has proven to be the leader for safety, savings and driver satisfaction.


As concern for highway safety rightfully grows, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure the protection of all drivers - and this starts with a reliable steering system. Without a safe steering system, drivers of RVs and other large vehicles face dangerous situations that often end in lost lives. Unfortunately, this sad reality is one that T.L. Sexton, inventor of Safe-T-Plus Steering Control, and founder of United Safety Apparatus, knows too well.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Sexton worked in the trucking industry and spent his first 10 years on the road. Regrettably, many of Mr. Sexton's close friends passed away in highway accidents during that time because of front-tire blowouts, causing them to lose control of their vehicles.

Once leaving the trucking industry, Mr. Sexton developed Safe-T-Plus Steering Controls and Track Controls, which give drivers complete power, even in the most disastrous situations. He was granted a worldwide patent, and Safe-T-Plus is now distributed and sold in 22 countries.