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Over the decades, our products and staff have helped a lot of Good People and we're always happy to hear what they say.

Bill Baker Conroe, TX

I want to say that you folks sure do work hard to make sure that your customers are satisfied. I am glad that I chose Safe-T-Plus instead of any others on the market. Thank you for the help you all provided to me.

Craig Goble Bear Lake, MI

Just wanted to send a big "thank you" to you for helping us solve a problem with our 140 Safe-T-Plus when we were on the road in North Carolina. The cable tie that secured the orange boot to the unit had broken and been partially ingested in the cylinder. Blake from your technical support group was very helpful and patient when explaining how to fix the problem. I was able to fix it myself and we were back on the road in minutes! I'm now not only impressed with the improved handling of our Winnebago with Safe-T-Plus, but also your great customer service!

Dan Wright Atlanta, GA

Bought and installed. We are about to drive 3000 miles. The test drive after installation was wonderful. What a difference. Now it drives like a car. Thanks.

Jim Todd Troy, MO

I cannot thank you and the Safe-T-Plus Company for the fantastic customer service that you provide. I have written on the IRV2 forum in a thread about the Safe-T-Plus about my very positive experience with you and your company. Any chance I get to talk it up believe me I will.

Dennis & Cathy St. Johns, MI

After we purchased the Safe-T-Plus steering control system, my wife and I installed the unit ourselves in approximately 1 hour. We then took it out on a local Hwy and followed the instructions as to centering the system. After 3 attempts we were successful. The following weekend we took our motorhome to Traverse City, Michigan for a long weekend. While enroute we encountered a heavy rain storm with high winds and the Safe-T-Plus system worked like a charm. We maintained our lane with no trouble and only a light hand on the steering wheel. Not the death grip I had experinced while driving the motorhome from the dealer we purchased it from. With passing semi trucks and winds I had both hands on the steering wheel to maintain my lane. Thanks again for the friendly help in finding out which system I needed and the email's showing the instructions and video's on our to install the system and center it. Thanks to Safe-T-Plus my wife and I have and will continue to enjoy our motorhome with extra peace of mind of safety in the handling of our unit on the road.

John Sopko Placentia, CA

We got them installed and they both drive great. It's a lot easier driving it down the road. Glad we got them and feel better knowing that it's on there in the event of a tire failure. These should be standard on all RV's. Appreciate you and the company being all for the customer!

Andreas Christofi Pennsylvania

I just returned from a trip to the New England States and was so pleased with the performance of my Safe-T-Plus steering control! What a difference it made in the handling of the RV and especially when the big rigs went past with no problems! I am very pleased with it.

Marc Arizona

I love it. 10 out of 10. Being new to RVing, I did not know what to expect! This was night and day. I am glad I saw you at the Phoenix RV show!

Ron Dusing Rochester, NY

It's all that you said it would be. Had the Safe-T-Plus steering control installed Tuesday and went on our first trip Friday. I was so amazed at the way my motor home handled and how good I felt when we got to the campground.

Sheila & Michael Navarra Stormville, NY

My husband installed the Safe-T-Plus and we tested it out last week on a short camping trip, about 2.5 hours away. The steering was definitely much better than it was though it's not perfect. We are adding more heavy duty shocks, a rear trac bar and front and rear sway bars to the vehicle. We really are wondering why this Safe T Plus is not standard equipment on the E450 camping chassis and how Ford is allowed to get away with putting in such minimal equipment! In total, we are spending over $2000 to make the vehicle safe to drive. It's a shame they just don't off all of this as an option when you purchase the camping equipment... I don't know anyone who wouldn't purchase it! Anyway, thank you for all of your help with this...checking back with us means a great deal to us! You are a bright spot in all of this mess we have to deal with!

William Isenhart Newark, OH

I had my RV mechanic install the Safe-T-Plus on my Tiffin 32CA and the steering slack/white knuckle wind/semi truck correction problem is much improved. I am very happy that I spent the bucks to make this upgrade happen. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

George Stephens Vestal, NY

The install was a snap and I'm satisfied with the centering after only one stop to adjust. I'm very impressed with the difference in the handling. Much less wandering and oversteer. I'm looking forward to a longer road trip (and better roads) to really feel the difference. Thanks to the Safety-T-Plus team!

John Jerman Fort Worth, TX

We recently returned from an almost 2k mile trip in our 38' gas class A on Ford Chassis. Before I left I installed the 230 Safe T Steer and a rear track bar. I had a friend driving a similar rv travel with us. I could see his swaying and leaning whenever i was behind him. I barely felt what he was feeling. On last day, driving west to Dallas, I drove 500 miles with a 15-20 mph crosswind, with no trouble, and really didn't feel it until I stopped for gas. My buddy only had 150 miles to drive that day, and said it wore him out.

Gene Colorado Springs, CO

First, my many thanks for your great customer relations and service! Your tech help is commendable, and it will make it very easy to recommend your company to others. I got the installation of the stabilizer done yesterday and took it for the road test this morning. WOW! What a difference it made in the steering of our mini class A motorhome. And that was just around town. I no longer have to “white knuckle” the steering wheel over irregularities in the road. It steers like I thought it should have from the factory! I am now anxious to drive it on our road trip the weekend of the 8th of Oct. The product is definitely worth what we paid for it. Thanks again for all your assistance, and for a great product.

Mike Casuso New Jersey

Just returned from a 2000 mile round trip. The steering stabilizer definitely improved the handling of my motor home. I was able to drive 500 miles each day without any issues. I would not have been able to drive that many miles without the stabilizer. The tractor trailers had minimum affect while passing us. Very happy with the stabilizer, I highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing it. Thank you.

Leon Schneider Jackson, MS

It’s on and tracking straight. I really like the way it keeps the coach tracking straight. It really helps cut fatigue. Thanks for the help and prompt service.

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