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Safe T Plus / Trucking

Safe T Plus Steering Control helps protect the safety of the vehicle and drivers,  while reducing maintenance costs for owner/operators, fleet, commercial, and industrial truck vehicles.

Benefits to Owner/Operators and Fleet Maintenance Managers:

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Tire Wear
  • Reduce steering assembly wear and tear
  • Helps protect in Front Tire Blowout scenarios
  • Stabilized Steering and Driving
  • Reduced Over Steering for Drivers

Mandatory Safety Product for Fleets

Several major global and nationwide Commercial and Industrial hauling and cement mixing companies will not permit any of their trucks to leave the local yards without Safe T Plus installed.

Safe T Plus Fits all Class 1 – Class 8 Trucks including:

  • Cargo Vans, Pickup Truck
  • Box Trucks, City Delivery Trucks
  • Beverage, Chemical, Petroleum Haulers
  • All Tractor-Truck types
  • Transporter Trucks
  • School / City Transport / Tour Buses
  • Refuse Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cement Mixers
  • Bucket / Utility Trucks

With tens of thousands of Safe T Plus Steering Control units installed on all different size trucks, Safe T Plus helps each driver return home safely to their family.

For more information on how Safe T Plus can help protect your fleet vehicles, drivers, and client’s goods, please contact us direct at sales@safe-t-plus.com or (800) 872-7233 and our client success team will be happy to assist.

Georgia Motor Trucking Association Member

Safe T Plus is sold at certified dealers or available factory direct.